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Bose amplifier repair - single channel amplifiers have lifetime warranty.
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- Troubleshooting Corvette Bose Gold Systems

Elizabeth Randall - Elizabeth Randall Author
BOSE AMP REPAIR - Rebuild $110* each
*SMALL PRINT - If you recently sent amps to another repair facility, the savings you made there, will be spent here. Repair rate $185 each, only if they returned your original amplifiers. See Shipping Page for saving.

   There are a lot of Factory (OEM) and BOSE car stereo systems in need of repair, therefore businesses are competing for your business. We're here to educate you about your system and your options.

    Our repair estimates list common problems seen with your stereo unit. When we repair your stereo or BOSE amplifier, we upgrade the components that have failed along with performing maintenance on all known common problems. We repair ALL problems. This means you get a repair that is going to last. Lifetime warranties on single channel Bose amplifiers and one year warranty on car stereo. We stand behind our work longer than others. Call or search around and compare.

    "Upgrade" a BOSE system rather than repairing is a sales gimmick that shops will use to attempt to sell. You cannot match an after-market radio to BOSE speaker-amplifiers properly (FAQ #7). There are adapters that supposedly do the job, this is a compromise to the system and their reliability and longevity are questionable. Sales people will roll their eyes and say, "BOSE! Rip it out and start over, new stereo, new speakers and rewire". They have not heard a working Bose system. You are looking for good advice because your stereo is not working properly.

      One company on the internet will sell you "new" BOSE amplifiers, $110. In reality, they are selling you old over-stock, new to you. They are front amplifiers built for Cadillac saying they are "Closely" matched to your system, (matched as in they are Bose and plug into the same wire harness). A front amplifier can not take the place of a rear amplifier. They may suggest replacing them in pairs, they are aware that this will help hide the equalization and audio level problems. Working amplifiers do sound better than non-working amps. These amplifiers compromise a great stereo sound. At a cost greater than our repair rate without our Lifetime warranty. A case of something is better than nothing. We are seeing more of these mismatched amplifiers in shop for repair. They have bogus labels with correct part numbers same as your original amplifier but wrong amplifiers. Most commonly seen in the NSX Bose enclosures, obviously they don't last. One company uses this business practice, "Dave's Cool Stuff" (he's in and out of business or doesn't answer his phone?). We receive complaints about them! If you choose not to use our service, please stay clear of this business.

      There is a BOSE look-alike unit. It is the favorite of many car stereo sales shops. They are called Amp Options or BRA001 (Bose Replacement Amplifier). These can be purchased wholesale for $45, retailing $110-180+, a great profit item. They say the amplifiers are matched to each car. Again, matched as in they hook into the same wire harness. These are cheap inadequate fixes. They will sound better than a broken Bose amplifier, but do not compare to a working Bose amplifier. We have tested them against original working Bose amplifiers, there is a considerable difference! Avoid them! We do not sell them!

There are also competitors that say they repair Bose amplifiers at a lower repair rate. Their rate is called a "$75 Estimate". We were quoted "$75 Estimate" for the amplifier we sent them for repair, their repair was $150. Ask them what their rate is if the amplifier is burnt. They cannot guarantee their rate and offer a three to twelve month warranty. Our rates are a flat fee, with a LIFETIME warranty on single channel amplifiers!

There are also competitors that will show you pictures of pretty cars, tires, wheels and accessories. Where are the car stereos if they repair them?

If our competition repairs everything, why can't they give you an estimate? Our website and facility is not operated from a garage or at home. Call us, with year and model of your car, in most cases we can tell you what is wrong with your stereo from our experience. See our Repair Estimates. We repair factory installed car audio equipment.

We have car stereo, speaker and amplifier removal instructions to help aid in the removal process, over 3000 with digital pictures and a step by step process. These come from our years of experience, longevity in business and exposure to these different systems. The competition may quote their repair rate, form of PRE-payment, send you to our website for the removal instructions and ask you to send your equipment to them! They offer little or no help for the removal process. Don't be fooled, if they are unable to help with the removal process, how much experience can they have with repair?

    We have been flattered by some of our internet competition. They look to our site for reference and instruction. They have recognized experience, hard work and a business that knows Bose and factory car stereo. We have recognized our images and instructions posted on their websites, "Copy Cats"!

Our website is not about glitz and glamour. It is about information, along with our knowledge and experience with factory car stereo. We want you to make a better informed decision about your options for repair verses replacement.

    We are a member of the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida dedicated to restoring factory car stereo and BOSE sound systems. Repairing car stereo since 1982 with over twenty five years of electronics experience (thanks to the USAF). We repair them to last, better components with higher specifications. We understand these custom engineered component systems. When a BOSE system works correctly, it is wonderful. That is what you want to keep!

    Bose automotive audio systems are installed only in quality automobiles. They are sophisticated systems custom-designed for car manufacturers. BOSE designs and builds the amplifiers and enclosures taking into consideration cloth or leather seats, interior dimensions and placement of the speaker. The specification for the head units are supplied to several manufacturers, Clarion, Panasonic, Alpine, Becker and Blaupunkt. We are a Clarion Authorized Service Center and have serviced all 50 states and 26 different countries. Over forty dealerships locally and 400 nationally.

Repair is your best option for your Bose sound system! We know the common problems with these units plus many not listed on our site. Your equipment is repaired for ALL KNOWN problems while in shop. We are not a make it work repair facility! We repair to last!

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Elizabeth Randall - Elizabeth Randall Author