Corvette '94-96 Bose Car Stereo Removal and Installation

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Corvette Stereo and Amplifier Repair

We have added this new section for Do It Yourself Repairs. See the link to Corvette Stereo Removal above to remove your AC control. You must have soldering experience, with a soldering iron, not a solder gun. Tools needed, soldering iron, solder and a small nut driver. We hope this information saves you several hundred dollars.

No Display on AC control
(AC control works fine otherwise)

See Corvette Stereo Removal
for access to AC control for removal


1.1) Remove four small screws securing rear cover to AC Control.

2.1) Remove rear cover.

3.1) Remove four small screws securing printed circuit board (PCB) in cover.

4.1) Remove PCB from rear cover.

5.1) Remove connector from PCB.
6.1) In the following steps we will be looking at all Surface Mount Resisters, (SMR).

Note - The AC control has bad solder, bad connections at one, two or more of the main SMR's that will be pointed out in the following steps. Repair solder on ALL SMR's pointed out.

7.1) With slight pressure to side of SMR, this component lifted from the PCB. This shows the solder connections are bad. You do not need to lift components.
7.2) Repair solder at both ends of 5 SMR's on PCB, top left.
8.1) First SMR re-soldered. Solder runs the entire length of the end of the component, both ends. (Second thru fifth SMR, left to right have not been re-soldered).
9.1) When re-soldering third SMR, this component also lifted from the PCB. You may need a small tool to hold SMR in place while soldering.
10.1) Re-soldering of first five SMR completed.
10.1) Repair solder at both ends of 3 SMR's on PCB, lower middle.
11.1) Repair solder at both ends of 1 SMR on PCB, lower right.
12.1) For good measure, re-solder all SMR's on PCB on opposite half of AC control, PCB does not need to be removed from front panel.
12.2) Connect connector to first repaired PCB.
12.3) Install removed PCB back into cover, be careful to align connector pins through back cover.
12.4) Install four screws and plug into your Corvette to check.
If you have found these pages to be helpful and you were successful in repairing your AC control, you know the value of this information. Please

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