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Ford Mustang Mach 460 Sound System Troubleshooting
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Elizabeth Randall - Elizabeth Randall Author
About the Ford Mustang Mach 460 Sound System
There are four to five main components to this audio sound system not counting speakers. For stereos, there are several varieties. A single din size stereo AM/FM/Cassette with pocket or an add-on single din CD player. Or, an all in one, double din size stereo with AM/FM/CD/Cassette or AM/FM/CD. There is a signal processor that controls audio and amplifies the audio to the upper tweeters in the doors. This signal processor also sends the audio signal to the two rear amplifiers that control the bass speakers. There are also speakers, we have removal guides available by clicking on the Ford link on the left of this page.

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Troubleshooting the car stereo system.

CD Problems - This is simple, CD can have a variety of problems. If the CD skips or has problems reading CD's, try a CD lens cleaner. They can be purchased for $15-45, they all do the same job. Also, try inserting a CD, seek to the last track, back to the first track and repeat several times. The laser moves along the sled mechanism when reading the CD. In some cases, the sled mechanism becomes dirty and this process can clean and relubricate the sled mechanism. Otherwise, repair or replacement of the stereo component is needed.

One Speaker Not Working or Distorted - This is probably a bad speaker. Remove the speaker and hook up a known working speaker to the location for testing purposes. One speaker not working should be a speaker problem. If there is still no sound, further troubleshooting is needed. See our video for "Installing Aftermarket Speakers". There are steps in this video that help with determining a defective speaker with a visual inspection, see Videos.
Stereo Reception Problems - No AM and poor FM can be an antenna problem. Check antenna connections. Remove the stereo, insert an antenna into the back of the stereo and check reception. If the reception does not improve, this is a stereo problem and requires repair or replacement. If the reception improves, antenna and cable require further troubleshooting.
No Power to Stereo - Stereo does not turn on, check ALL fuses. In most cases, there are three fuses to audio systems with amplifiers. One fuse for constant +12 volts to the stereo to hold all memory. Second fuse, switched +12 volts through ignition to car stereo allowing the stereo to turn on. Three, a fuse that supplies power to the amplifiers, this problem is usually associated with the stereo working and no audio audio problems.
Fuses - There are two fuse panels in the Ford Mustang. One located under the dash, driver's side. Remove the plastic cover to check fuses. Second fuse box, under the hood near the car's battery, there is also a plastic cover to protect the fuses.
No Audio - Stereo turns on and works, no sound from ALL speakers. This is a fuse problem in the fuse box under the hood, we found it to be a 25 amp fuse. If the fuse continues to blow after replacement further troubleshooting is needed. This could be a signal processor or one or both of the two rear amplifiers causing the problem. The two amplifiers, are located in the rear deck in the coupe and behind the rear seat in the convertible. Access the two amplifiers, these amplifiers are usually silver in color. With connectors at both ends, one for +12 volt, ground and audio output, the other for audio input. Disconnect the connectors at the front of these amplifiers, the side toward the front of the Mustang. Replace the fuse. If the fuse blows, this is likely a signal processor problem. If the fuse does not blow, connect each of the rear amplifiers one at a time. When the fuse blows, you have found the defective amplifier. This amplifier requires repair or replacement.
No Bass Speakers with Upper Speakers in Front Doors Working - This is the problem that lead up to this troubleshooting guide, after going through most of the steps above. This is a local customer's Mustang, she had been by the shop many times complaining of intermittent bass audio. Murphy's Law, the stereo always worked when she was here, until the last visit. We troubleshoot this by checking for +12 volts at the amplifiers, no voltage present. There are three yellow wires that apply power to the amplifier and three main black wires for ground. We applied +12 volts directly to the yellow wires at the amplifiers and still had no audio. Checked continuity for ground to the amplifiers with a meter and found no ground to the amplifiers. Applied +12 volts and ground directly to the amplifiers and had sound! Why is +12 volt and ground missing from the amplifiers? This is what we had to determine, the next step was disassembling the vehicle to find the junction/connector that supplied power and ground to the amplifiers. The following is where and what we found after troubleshooting. Our local dealer$hip was no help!
Ford Mach 460 Sound System, How to Do It Yourself Repair No Audio to Bass Speakers 1.1) Remove the panel along the bottom of the door opening, driver's side, releasing clips. All clips release with pry pressure. Remove panel and set to side.
Ford Mach 460 Sound System, How to Do It Yourself Repair No Audio to Bass Speakers 2.1) At kick panel, pry long clip from panel and remove.
Ford Mach 460 Sound System, How to Do It Yourself Repair No Audio to Bass Speakers 3.1) Remove kick panel and set to side.
Ford Mach 460 Sound System, How to Do It Yourself Repair No Audio to Bass Speakers 4.1) Pull edge of carpet back.
Ford Mach 460 Sound System, How to Do It Yourself Repair No Audio to Bass Speakers 5.1) We found the junction connector that supplies power and ground to the amplifiers disconnected. Upon close examination, the trigger on one of the connectors was broken from the repeated times the side of the car was kicked from entering and exiting the vehicle. Placed the connectors back together, we had sound to all speakers. Electrical tape secured the connector and she was on her way!
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